Fire and Security

Fire and Security

At Wyeverne Electrical we stock a wide range of products related to fire and security including door entry systems, doorbells and intruder alarms right through to conventional fire alarm systems and a range of smoke and heat detectors.

Door Entry Systems

We stock a varied collection of audio door entry systems suitable for a range of environments, including blocks of flats and offices, from the trusted brand Bell System. Our range of audio door entry systems are from The 900 Series which are recognised for their high quality and are widely accepted as the industry standard. Audio door entry systems allow the user to speak to the person that is visiting them through the system without having to open the door.

The systems in this range each provide all of the components needed to install a complete audio door entry system, including a surface lock release as standard. The audio door entry systems in The 900 Series are available from one way up to six ways. They are a popular choice due to their high durability and are designed with an attractive and contemporary style. We also stock the components of the audio door entry systems separately including the lock releases, speech units, handsets and power supply.

Doorbells and Intruder Alarms

We also stock a small range of doorbells which are fundamental for any entryway to ensure visitors never arrive unannounced. Our selection of doorbells are easy to use and set up. Our range includes wireless doorbells such as plug-in ones or doorbells that are wired in. Browse our collection of doorbells from top brands like Byron to find a doorbell to suit your needs.

Wyeverne Electrical also stocks a collection of intruder alarms to protect your property from the trusted brand and global manufacturer, Honeywell. Suitable for domestic and commercial applications, we stock the Accenta Mini GEN4 Intruder Panel with LCD keypad and the Optima Compact GEN4 Intruder Panel with onboard keypad. In our range of intruder alarm products we stock the Reason8 bell box with strobe and dummy bell box as well as the passive Infrared motion sensor with swivel bracket to accompany the intruder alarm panels. Additionally, we also stock a range of intruder alarm accessories including contacts available recessed or surface mounted, panic buttons, informa speech dialers and internal extension speakers as well as sell the Accenta LCD keypad separately. Explore our range of intruder alarms to find out more about each of the products.

Smoke and Heat Detectors

We stock a range of smoke and heat detectors that include interconnectable detectors, wireless radio frequency detectors and battery operated detectors. Our range of interconnectable smoke and heat alarms are easy to install, come complete with the pattress base and are interconnectable with up to 20 units. They also have a 9V battery backup (with battery included) meaning the interconnectable smoke and heat detectors will continue to operate even when the mains power fails. We also stock a range of radio frequency smoke and heat detectors which are ideal in satisfying the demand for installing smoke detection without damaging existing decoration. Radio frequency smoke and heat detectors are connected through radio frequency signals so when one alarm detects a fire, all the detectors that are interlinked will go off.

The radio frequency smoke and heat detectors come as a combined unit where the detector and radio base come as one. They work off a dip switch functionality which allows them to speak wirelessly to one another and the units come with a fast fix base which allows the installer to wire directly into the base of the unit, saving both time and maintenance costs. Additionally, we also stock battery operated smoke and heat detectors suitable for use in a range of domestic dwellings, including homes and apartments, which are easy to install and maintain and come complete with a 9V battery. Browse our wide selections of smoke and heat detectors to find the product that best suited to fulfil your requirements.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

At Wyeverne Electrical we stock Conventional Fire Alarm Systems from the well established and trusted brand SMS which is part of the Honeywell group, a leading manufacturer in the field of fire detection and alarm systems. The SMS conventional range of products is designed to meet the requirements of large domestic and small commercial installations as well as provide the ability to upgrade or expand existing conventional systems. The FP585 conventional control panel complies with EN54 parts 2 & 4 and is available in 2, 4 and 8 zones. Up to 8 sounder circuits can be connected to the control panel with zone disablement facilities, semi-flush kits and repeater panels available.

The FP585 can match up to 8 zones with 8 sounder circuits, dramatically reducing installation disruption by allowing both sounders and detectors to be connected from a four core cable. Additionally, both the FP585 control panel and repeater can be semi-flush fitted for installations where decor and aesthetics are important. We also stock call points, sounders and vision detectors as part of our conventional fire alarm system range to accompany the control panel. Our vision detectors are aesthetically engineered and easy to install and simple to use, it offers advanced levels of detection with the cost effectiveness of a conventional detector. Browse our conventional fire alarm system range to learn more and find the products most suited to your requirements.

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