Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen can become one of the busiest rooms in a home and ensuring that it is well lit is an essential requirement when preparing food, cooking and dining. Task lighting provides concentrated light offering a much clearer visibility when carrying out important jobs around the kitchen. Task lighting is vital around areas such as the sink or cooker because it ensures you can easily see everything that you need to do when carrying out jobs around the kitchen at the same time as staying safe while doing so.

Accent lighting is also a type of lighting that is well suited for a kitchen, although it comes in contrast to task lighting. Accent lighting is known as decorative type of lighting but it is also about creating a mood through lighting. Accent lighting can add to the look of the room at the same time as providing light. This kind of lighting can be used for kitchens to create a softer, subtle light when, for example, having intimate or romantic dinners or even for simply unwinding after a long day.

Even though these two types of lighting contrast each other, you don’t necessarily have to choose one or the other. It is possible to use both types and they work brilliantly together, or you can simply use one of them if you prefer. It is simply down to preference. Spotlights and downlights can highlight key areas in your kitchen and you can choose different colour temperature lamps inside these fittings to create your desired mood in the kitchen. You don’t have to limit the space in your kitchen to one light so if the space allows you to, don’t be afraid to add several light fittings in order to brighten up your kitchen and make it the hub of your home.