Living Space Lighting

Choosing lighting for living spaces, such as bedrooms and living rooms, can be more difficult due to the varied activities carried out in these areas. The lighting in these areas needs to be more flexible because there is usually more emphasis on the atmosphere or the mood rather than the task. There is also more emphasis on the aesthetic of the lighting in these areas as there is usually more of a focus on decoration.

In most cases, accent or general lighting is more suited to areas such as living rooms and bedrooms. Accent lighting is a popular choice in living spaces as this type of lighting helps to highlight points of interest. This could include decorative artwork, display areas or any architectural details. Accent lighting can be best accomplished with the use of spotlights, downlights or recessed fittings to highlight particular pieces. General lighting is also a popular choice for living spaces as it is a great fill in between task and accent lighting. Task lighting is often too concentrated and overpowering for living spaces as not many tasks are carried out compared to a kitchen or bathroom. A more subtle light helps to create a warmer, relaxing atmosphere that is more suited to a bedroom or living room which can be created through general lighting as it gives a general illumination of a space.