Fire Rated Recessed Down Lights

Fire Rated Recessed Downlights

Recessed downlights are small luminaires, which distributes the light downward and are recessed in the ceiling meaning the luminaire is mounted above the ceiling so that any visible projection is insignificant. Recessed downlights are a popular favourite in buildings and homes due to their modern and sleek design. They provide focused lighting for more functional areas of a building or home while giving a seamless look to the area that is being illuminated.

In any building where people maybe living or inhabiting above each floor, the ceiling below it must be fire rated. Since holes need to be cut in the ceiling in order to fit recessed downlights the existing fire rating of the ceiling will be reduced once a hole is cut into the ceiling. When a hole is cut into the ceiling it becomes a fire hazard because it means that fire can spread through it. Once the downlight is in place in the ceiling, there will always be in most cases a tiny gap between the hole and the edge of the fitting. This is where a fire rated recessed downlight is required. If a fire rated recessed downlight is fitted then in the event of a fire, the downlight itself will expand and close the gap between the fitting and the hole making it air tight, preventing the fire spreading between the different floors. The use of fire rated recessed downlights will delay the possible spread of flames and also help in maintaining the integrity of the ceiling, which in the event of a fire helps to prevent any possible collapse.

Our fire rated recessed downlights come in a range of finishes, which includes white, chrome and satin chrome. Our range of downlights are also compatible with LED lamps.

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