LED Emergency Lighting

LED Maintained Emergency Bulkhead

Emergency lighting is battery-backed lighting that switches on and illuminates automatically when power is cut from the mains and a building experiences a power outage. An emergency light is designed to come on when the supply to the normal lighting fails and when the power goes out to allow people to find their way out of a building in a safe manner. The most traditional type of emergency lighting are emergency bulkheads with LED emergency lighting now starting to become a popular choice due to its energy saving benefits.

Our LED maintained emergency bulkheads contain 15 super white LEDs that give a 90 lumen output while only using 2 Watts of power. This helps to lower the overall running costs of the LED emergency bulkheads due to LEDs being energy efficient and having low energy consumption. Our LED maintained emergency bulkheads have a 3 hour emergency duration time meaning the fitting will stay illuminated for 3 hours after a mains power failure. They also have an IP65 rating so the LED emergency bulkheads can be used both indoors and outdoors making them suitable for numerous applications. The LED emergency bulkheads come maintained as standard but they can also be converted to be non-maintained if desired. Maintained emergency lighting is when the emergency light is permanently illuminated and powered at all times and will continue to work in the event of a power failure. Non-maintained emergency lighting is when the emergency light only comes on in the event of a power failure but may be switched on or off normally. Depending on your preference, the emergency bulkhead can be wired to be maintained or non-maintained. Our LED maintained emergency bulkheads also come complete with a self adhesive exit sticker so that you are able to use the fitting to show exit routes if required.

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