LED Panel Fittings

LED Panel Fittings

Round Recessed LED Panels

Round recessed LED panels are a popular and efficient alternative to downlights. Their simple yet elegant design allows them to sit flush in the ceiling and compliment the ceiling of any room. Since the round recessed panels are LED, it lowers the energy consumption compared to halogen alternatives making them energy efficient and also produces less heat than halogens. Furthermore, the round recessed LED panels provide instant light at full brightness much like the original incandescent lighting except without the excessive running costs.

Our range of round recessed LED panels are slim and compact with a sleek, low profile design. They are available in two finishes, white or satin silver, and are available in various sizes and wattages to suit your needs. The round recessed LED panels are versatile and have a wide application from offices to homes and apartments. Our range of round recessed LED panels are currently only available in the colour temperature of 6500K, also known as daylight. Colour temperature is a term used to describe the “whiteness” of light and 6500K is the colour temperature which resembles the colour of daylight.

Square LED Panels

Square LED Panels are rapidly becoming a modern and efficient alternative to fluorescent fittings. Our square LED panels have a slim, low profile design providing an attractive, minimalist finish to the area that is being illuminated. They are a perfect solution for use in tiled suspended ceilings and have a wide application from offices to many other commercial premises. Alternatively, the square LED panels can be surface mounted with the use of a surface mounting kit.

One of the many benefits of LED panels is that they are much more cost effective than the fluorescent fitting alternatives due to their lower energy consumption and energy efficiency while generating the equivalent output of lumens. Additionally, square LED panels provide flicker free, instant lighting that offers an even spread of light unlike the fluorescent fitting alternative.

Our square LED panels are 595x595mm in size and are available in a colour temperature of 6500K (also known as daylight). They produce an output of 3200 lumens and only use 40 Watts of power.