Tools, Screws and Fixings

Tools, Screws and Fixings

Tools, screws and fixings are useful essentials when carrying out different tasks and jobs. We offer an extensive range of tools, screws and fixings from trusted brands suitable for a wide variety of jobs and to meet your requirements. We stock everything from woodscrews, wall plugs and cavity fixings through to drill bits, screwdrivers, pliers and so much more.

We stock a wide range of woodscrews and electrical screws at low trade prices suitable for a wide variety of jobs. Whether you are refitting existing sockets or attaching objects to wood, we have a choice of screws available in various sizes to suit your needs and help you complete the job. We also stock a small range of wall plugs and cavity fixings. They are a type of anchor that are usually used in situations where the material is quite brittle or where the material would not support the weight of the object that is attached to it.

There are a few different types of wall plugs and cavity fixings for different capacities so it is therefore recommended that you make sure you are using the plug that is most suited for your project and to the material or weight you are trying to support. Our range of fixings also includes capping nails which are ideal for fixing thin sweet material to solid surfaces. Additionally, we stock M8 and M6 washers perfect for any job where you need to prevent the damage of the load of a screw to surfaces such as wood or plastics and they also help to reduce the chances of the fixing loosening over time.

At Wyeverne Electrical we stock an extensive range of tools suitable for all kinds of electrical work and different job types. Our range of tools include everything from screwdrivers, pliers and cutters through to hammers, chisels, drill bits, cutting tools and so much more. Our range of hand tools are ideal for various professional jobs as well as DIY projects. Our collection of tools are from trusted brands at low, competitive prices so you’ll find everything you need to complete the job or simply to expand your tool kit that will suit every budget.

We also supply a range of adhesives and sealants from general purpose silicones and caulk through to adhesives and fire and heat sealants. Our collection of adhesives and sealants are from brands that you can trust so you will be reassured that you will be working with products that can sufficiently complete the task at hand. Choose from our range of adhesives and sealants suitable for different applications. For example, our range of fire and heat sealants include products that expand when exposed to high temperatures helping to prevent the spread of smoke and fire. Our decorators caulk is ideal for filling fine cracks and gaps around areas such as skirting boards or doors. Furthermore, our range of adhesives such as our ‘Evo-Stick Sticks Like’ and ‘Everbuild Stixall’ bond to virtually anything and everything and are water resistant so can be applied to wet surfaces. It is important that you choose the right adhesive or sealant for the particular job you are carrying out so why not browse our range of adhesives and sealants to find the right one to complete your job sufficiently.

We stock a small range of safety equipment designed to protect the user against any health or safety risks. This can be vital when using tools, screws or fixings. Our range of safety equipment includes safety glasses, work gloves and safety goggles through to dust masks. There are many regulations in place for personal safety to prevent potential hazards causing serious harm or injury therefore safeguarding with the appropriate protective equipment is vital to ensure working conditions are safe.

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