Wiring Accessories

Wiring Accessories

Wiring accessories are important and essential in any building because they are used to conceal electrical connections. The products in our range of wiring accessories are from our very own Wyeverne Electrical brand.

e offer a wide selection of wiring accessories from sockets and switches and ceiling accessories to waterproof socket and switch boxes, RCD sockets and spurs and trailing sockets.

yeverne Electrical can supply you with a wide range of wiring accessories with a flexible range of products to suit a variation of requirements.

Sockets & Switches

Sockets and switches are vital in any building and we have a wide range of products offering the perfect solution for any room. Our own branded sockets and switches are available in a range of finishes, colours and styles.

Moisture and Waterproof Socket and Switch Boxes

Moisture and waterproof socket and switch boxes are a popular addition in outdoor environments because they provide power to an outdoor space safely by providing protection against the elements.

Ceiling Accessories

We offer a comprehensive range of ceiling accessories that are available in a white finish and are suitable for a variation of requirements. Our range of ceiling accessories include lamp holders, pendants, ceiling pull switches and batten lamp holders.

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