Welcome to Wyeverne Electrical, as part of our commitment to bringing you quality electrical accessories at our lowest price, we are now launching our own range of products. We are also introducing our own range of consumer units and circuit protection devices for domestic use – we will also be adding to our range over coming months. Whether you’re improving your home, taking a new contract or managing a rental property, we can help.

Welcome to Wyeverne Electrical

Wyeverne Electrical

Wyeverne Electrical wholesale located in Cardiff, with a long history in electrical supplies and real hands-on experience of the trade, we know what matters most to you. Offering a wide range of electrical products with a speedy service, our reliable stock levels (thanks to our large storage facility) and fair prices for the trade and the public makes us the leading electrical wholesaler in Cardiff.

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We know it’s the least you’d expect from Cardiff’s leading supplier of electrical accessories. Come and visit us Monday to Saturday 8am – 5.30pm, or please feel free to browse the online shop for our quality range of Wyeverne electrical accessories.