Cable & Cable Management

Cable & Cable Management

We stock a wide range of cable and cable management products so whether you are looking for cable, cable accessories or products related to safely protecting cables then we have the products to suit your needs.

There are many types of cable and they are essential in any building to provide electricity, lighting and power. Since cable is very important in keeping a building running, it is critical that the right type and size of cable is chosen.

Cable management is a way of both supporting and containing cables during installation which subsequently makes maintenance and any changes to cable systems easier.

Cable management is important because it aids in managing cables ensuring that the installation of any cables is orderly and uncluttered. In addition, cable management is an important safety measure as it helps to protect cables getting damaged, in particular when there are exposed cables or if there are trailing cords that could cause a tripping hazard.

Managing cables can be a complex process therefore cable management is important in any setup, domestic or commercial, in the organisation, routing and protection of all types of installation of wiring systems.

There are a wide range of cable accessories available that can be used alongside cables that are designed to meet a vast array of specific applications. Cable accessories are versatile essentials that should be a part of a tradesperson’s toolkit as they are great at helping to get the job done.

Cable accessories commonly include cable clips, cable connectors, grommets and glands, sleeving, cable ties, electrical tape, earthing accessories, crimps and lugs and so much more.

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